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Power Saver, Ultra

Place of origin  South Korea
Detailed Product Descriptoin
   Detailed Description
Product Name : Power Saver
Brand Name : ULTRA
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

Suitable for Houses, Super-Market, Government, Big Mall,
Department Store, Hotel, Factories, Offices, Hospital and etc.
[Save Energy with ULTRA]
KESECO established in 1999 specialize in manufacturing power saver.
The technology resource is in Korea and based on
superconductor application. Superconductive phenomenon is
that electrical resistance approximate zero at OK (-273c).
It is a dream of human kind to invent and commercialize
the product which applied superconductor
at normal temperature (300K=27c).
Keseco Co, LTD is  the only manufacturer of current improvement power saver
applied superconductor for the 1st time in the world.
There hasnt been this kind of products until now.
Ultra is  exporting to more than 27 nations
including Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Cyprus, Japan, Spain, Canada, Mexico
and so on. We are living in the age of energy-stressed.
We are ready for revolutionizing in energy field.
[What is the ULTRA?]
Ultra is the new concept of power saving devices.
Most savers reduce the electricity cost by dropping voltage
but it causes another problems. In case of the lighting,
the voltage dropping power saver lowers illumination of the lighting.
For this reason, existing ones are not welcomed in hotels or
department stores which require high illumination of lighting.
For industry use, shortage of voltage decreases the torque,
which causes critical damage to machinery.
We can see many side effects of using energy savers.
Ultra is incredibly perfect solution for this matter. It minimizes Kwh
which is criteria for electricity bill by power company without
dropping voltage to maximize power saving.

*********************** Features *********************
1. <Saving & Guarantee>
More load, more saving!
Power saving differs from type of Load.
L load (A/C, Refrigerator, freezer and the cooling unit with motor)~17%
R load (Lighting such as bulb and fluorescent) ~7%
L + R Complex Load ~11%

2. <Product life time and Certificate>
It is semi-permanent about 20years. We obtained CE, RoHS,
ISO9001:2000 and patent and joined PL Insurance.
3. <Competitive price and slim size>
ULTRA has very competitive price compared to competitors
And pay back period is very short about 12 months.
Detail information can be referred on the web site and
Naidos Company is distributor of Ultra Energy Saver  for Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Cyprus and Balkan Countries.
Contact Information
Street Address: 7th Merarchias 9
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zip: 65403
Telephone: 30-2510-242916
Fax: 0030-2510-600037
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