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  • Chongqing Jingyi Gas Meter Co., Ltd.
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  • Country/Region:China
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Diaphragm Gas Meter, Steel Cage, OIML R31, Slant-Theft Proof, Reverse Proof

Place of origin  Chongqing China
Payment of Terms L/C,T/T
Model no J-II Type, Size G2.5, G4
Packaging Details 4pcs per carton With stronger corrugated paper cartons suitable for transportation.
Detailed Product Descriptoin
   Manufacture accord to GB/T 6968-1997 (China National Standard for Diaphragm Gas Meter), which comply with OIML R31, aiming to EN1359.OIML R31 test passed. TYPE J-II, Size G1.6, G2.5, G4 Domestic Diaphragm Gas Meter, Slant-theft Proof and Reverse Folw Proof.Applicable scope: natural gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas, mine gas, marsh gas and other artificial burning gases.The characteristics:1 Immune gas company from economic loss which is caused by illegal theft through sltant the meter;2 Immune gas company from distribution network breakage and relative economic lost which is caused by mis-connect water heater\'s water pipe to house gas outlet;3 Good discharge cruve;4 Low pressure lost;5 The diaphragm is made of Polyester fabric coated with nitride synthetic rubber, passed more than 200 million times of Bally test;6 Build-in mechanism. The case is sealed independently, with tight and nice appearance, easy for cleaning;7 Using Hot-print technology on the counter, its has more clear reading and ensure not depigmentated;8 Good structure immune the gas meter from contamination, which ensure a long service life upto 10 years;9 Advanced Magnetic drive.Gas flow data is transferred magnetically to the indicating device, which greatly reduces wear of diaphragm and prolong its service life to 2 million times or 10 years.Technical Parameter:1)Maximum flow-rate: 4m3/h 6m3/h2)Minimum flow-rate:  0.025m3/h 0.040m3/h3)Permissible error:Qmin<=Q<0.1Qmax ±3; 0.1Qmax<=Q<=Qmax ±1.54))Maximum working pressure: 10kpa5)Total pressure loss: <=200pa6)Useable temperature: -10~40°c7)Storage temperature: -20~+60°c8)Center to center distance: 110mm or 130mm or customer required.9)Weight: 2.4/2.2 Kg
Contact Information
Company Name: Chongqing Jingyi Gas Meter Co., Ltd.
Street Address: Tuanjie Industrial, 3.5KM, Nan'an District, Chongqing, P. R. China
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zip: 400067
Telephone: 86-23-62904519
Mobile Phone: 13983390012
Fax: 86-23-62904519
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