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Adoxy Oxygen Liquid

Place of origin  Thailand
Payment of Terms T/T
Model no AD00010
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece/Pieces
Packaging Details We will send you by EMS.
Detailed Product Descriptoin
Adoxy Health Cellfood
        Adoxy is a 21st century highly concentrated super-energized liquid, which is rapidly absorbed by the body in order to start the process of cleaning, building, regenerating and balancing the body as soon as you take it.
        Many health experts conclude that the lack of oxygen in human cells and tissue is linked to a vast variety of health problem and disease, and that supplemental oxygen therapies including Adoxy have remarkable physiological benefits.
        A diversity of beneficial oxygen therapies are being utilized today. Oxygen therapy is any process that safely increases the oxygen content in the body and should be administered by a licensed medical professional.
        Adoxy, however is a safe, self-administered oxygen therapy treatment that provides oxygen at the cellular level. This advanced, water splitting nano-technology, is the answer to oxygen deficiency. Invented by Everett L. Storey, Adoxy is a super energized colloidal mineral concentrate. It contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen-providing an oxygen and nutrient delivery system. All the substances in Adoxy are made from the finest natural substances. Adoxy has no alcohol, no glucose and is yeast free. Cryogenically (extreme cold) extracted, not chemically.
        Adoxy contains no substances that are on the banned list of substances regarding international, professional and amateur athletic associations.
        Adoxys unique structure oxygenates and feeds the cells-cleaning, and tuning up the bodys systems throughout the day
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Company Name: CBCC
Street Address: Ladprao
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zip: 10230
Telephone: 66-02-9357504
Fax: 66-02-9357504
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