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Mijiah Fruit Wine

Place of origin  Philippines
Detailed Product Descriptoin
   Our Fruit Wines:We use all natural fruits that are cultivated without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Our fruits are not genetically modified. Our fruit wines are made from fruits cultivated in the forests and mountains of the Philippines by local people. Wine production helps forest conservation and helps sustain the lifestyleof the locals who make a living by harvesting the fruits. Our unique and beautifully shaped handcrafted stoneware bottles are pleasing to the eye while protecting the wines from the harmful effects of sunlight.All Natural Mango Wine: The Philippines is famous for its delicious mangoes. Our mango wine is a pale transparent yellow, very aromatic and mildly sweet. Rich sipping wine, good with spicy food or dishes with an Asian flair and dishes that have a fruit component. Wonderful complexity that can be served by itself. Recommended to serve well chilled. Mangoes are picked from February to May. Bottled in a yellow handcrafted stoneware bottle.All Natural Berry Wine: Also known as Philippine wild berry or bignay. Our berry wine is colored deep red and full of body and flavor. Multipurpose wine, dry sipping wine or aperitif; great with light to medium flavored dishes;wonderful party wines; very versatile. Bottled in a blue handcrafted stoneware bottle.All Natural Plum Wine: Also known as Philippine plum, duhat or jamun. The wine is pale rosette and flavored slightly on the sweet side. Great summer sipper with some hint of sweetness; Great pairing with salads, mildly spicy food; dishes with light cream sauces, some desserts. Bottled in a black handcrafted stoneware bottle.All Natural Soursop Wine: Also known as guyabano. The color of the wine is a very pale and clear yellow with a strong fruity aroma. Bottled in a creamy yellow handcrafted stoneware bottle. Wine with noticeable sweetness; good with spicy food or dishes with an Asian flair; can also be served as a dessert wine. Best served cold.The Fruits:Mango: (Family Anacardiacea. mangifera indica) This popular tropical fruit is full of protective nutrients. The vitamin content depends on the variety and maturity of the mango. When ripe the amount of vitamin C is higher, and as it ripens,the amount of vitamin A increases.Berry: (Family Euphorbiaceae. antidesma bunius) The berries are harvested from a plant that grows in the mountains and thrives in the tropics. It ripens to red or black in bunches of single fruit the size of pepper corns and is picked from July to early August. Like the Plum, Filipinos believe this fruit,also known as bignay or wild Philippine berry, can cure various ailments fromhigh blood pressure to diabetes. Once chopped down for its wood by the natives of the forest, the trees have found new use as a source of fruit for our All Natural Berry Wine, and represents a rare success story in rainforest conservation. The fruit contains powerful antioxidant flavonoids known as anthocyanins. These antioxidants may help fight arterial disease by preventing the oxidation of the bad cholesterol known as LDL.Plum: (Family Myrtaceae. syzygium cimini) This exotic tropical fruit is found in the Philippines, the Caribbean, Guyana, Indonesia, Malaysia and India and is red to black when ripe. The fruit is fleshy with a single seed in the middle. Also known as duhat, Philippine plum, or jamun, this fruit comes from a large evergreen tree that can grow up to 30m in height and live up to 100 years. The seeds have b-sitosterois and the fruit contains citric, malic and gallic acids. Citric and gallic acids are powerful antioxidants. Malic acid reduces the wine tartness and adds complexity to the flavor. The fruit, powdered seed, and juice have been shown to lower blood sugar in diabetes mellitus. It reduces the sugar levels in urine and allays the unquenchable thirst typical in diabetics.Soursop: (Family Annonaceae. annona muricata) As it ripens this fragrant tropical fruit turns from dark green to yellow-green. An excellent source of vitamins B and C. The juice of the ripe fruit is said to be diuretic and a remedy for haematuria andurethritis. It\'s known to have pectoral (strengthening and healing effect on the respiratory system) and febrial (helping the body to bring down fever) properties. The flesh of the green fruit is used to treat bacterial and fungal infections.
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