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ALGHUM Fertilizer

Place of origin  Italy
Detailed Product Descriptoin
   ALGHUM is a fertilizer withslow release that joins the property of humic acids and the extracts of seaweeds.It is a rich natural organic mineral source. It contains micro-elements withready assimilation that promotes the cellular division and natural precursors thatstimulates the development of the roots thanks to the presence of naturalauxins. It permits to have vigorous plants with developed and healthier radicalapparatus for the plants in the nursery and in the field, with improvement ofthe amount and the quality of the production.ALGHUMimproves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil creating favorableconditions of the growing for the plants. It improves the structure of the soil,the aeration of the soil, the availability of the elements and the waterretention. The humic acids present in the ALGHUM act on the solution of the soiland favor the exchange of the nourishing between the soil and the roots and theassimilation of nitrogen.  The regularuse of ALGHUM increases the resistance of the plant against the adverse environmentalconditions them and the stress. It stimulates the activity of the micro-floraand the micro-fauna. It promotes the synthesis of the chlorophyll and itincreases the weight of the fruits. The application of ALGHUM by fertirrigationincrease the absorption and the use of the important elements nourished and theassimilation of essential the natural substances for the development of theplant.
Contact Information
Company Name: Aifaragrochimica
Street Address: Ronco Scrivia - Genoa
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zip: 16019
Telephone: 39-10-9350267
Fax: 39-10-9350532
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